Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cyclone havoc

Power stations hit, 3-hr rationing starts


CYCLONE Tasha, which hit Queensland last Saturday bringing its worst flooding in decades, has also caused chaos in coastal areas of Central and the National Capital District in the past two days, The National reports.

Torrential rain and strong winds, since the weekend, caused power blackouts in the city and surrounding areas as PNG Power announced that its four power stations at Rouna were affected by excess water and debris blockages.

It also announced emergency load shedding of three-hour duration as its technicians work to get the hydro stations operational again.

At Laloki settlements outside Port Moresby, more than 500 people were forced to evacuate as their food gardens were destroyed when the Laloki River burst its banks.

Flood waters also cut off the Hiritano Highway, stopping traffic until yesterday morning.

Police were also keeping a close watch on the Bomana jail, which sits on the south bank of Laloki, in case they needed to evacuate the 600-odd prisoners.

The jail had been flooded in the past but not serious enough to force mass evacuation.

Several coastal Motuan villages reported that roofs were blown off their homes by strong winds but no structural damages were reported.


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