Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sack slack lawyers: Namah

Leader of PNG Party Belden Namah has called on acting Prime Minister Sam Abal to sack incompetent Government lawyers to prevent further embarrassment as Parliament scrambles to convene next month to elect a new Governor General.

Namah blamed the Government’s legal experts for the current constitutional crisis, which he said would not have come about if they did their jobs well to advise the Government properly.

As well, he urged state law-enforcing agencies to investigate and refer all involved: politicians, bureaucrats and political cronies who were responsible for the blunders.

He said the blunders included Parliament not sitting to meet the required 63 days in a year, illegal re-appointment of Sir Paulias Matane as Governor General last June, attempts by sidelined Prime Minister Sir Michael to stop the Ombudsman Commission from investigating him and Sir Michael stepping aside from duties before a Leadership Tribunal was set up to hear his alleged misconduct charges.

Namah said in all these instances, Government legal experts failed miserably, causing constitutional blunders, much to the embarrassment of the over six million Papua New Guinean citizens.

“What advice did our legal experts and new Attorney General Sir Arnold Amet provide? He said.

“Why didn’t they advice the Government properly to save the embarrassment and millions of kina that will cost the taxpayers.”

Namah said as a direct result of bad advice, taxpayers would meet the legal costs and recalling of Parliament.

 He urged law-enforcing agencies to take immediate remedial action, including prosecution and referral of individuals to relevant authorities to be dealt appropriately.

“Politicians, bureaucrats and private advisor responsible must face the consequences,” Namah said.

“They must account for their action and inaction. 

“Those in trusted and responsible positions must not be allowed to continue abusing processes and breaking laws.

“Bad decision based on stupid advice is costing PNG millions.

“This money should be used to improve much-needed health, education and other basic services PNG-wide.

“It is incumbent on Mr Abal to crack the whip and start sacking incompetent individuals to save millions of taxpayer funds spent on huge legal bills.”


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