Thursday, January 27, 2011

Search continues for missing expat



POLICE detectives and homicide squads in Chimbu were deployed to the remote Nondri-Amia area of Gumine district to search for a missing European expatriate, The National reports.

The European of Belgium origin, identified only Tony, at this stage was kidnapped by members of Gorekulame sub-clan of Sa tribe last Wednesday and his whereabout is not known, according to police.

Chimbu police commander Chief Insp John Kale deployed the special squad to the area to assist Gumine district police.

He said the pregnant wife of the expatriate was allegedly abducted by more than 10 attackers who repeatedly raped her for at least two days before she was rescued by members of Toma and Barama sub-clans of Sa tribe of Nondri-Amia area.

Kale said two suspects were arrested and are remanded at Kundiawa police cell; they were picked-up by Gumine police at Dirima station when they came out to sell a pig.

He said police would thoroughly investigate to confirm the allegations of rape and ascertain reports of the murder of the expatriate.

“Upon police investigation and confirmation it will determine whether the European man is still alive or dead, he could have escaped or was taken into hiding by other people.It is not yet known at this stage of his whereabouts.

“We expect to make more arrests soon,” Kale said.

He said the pregnant wife, who was recovering at Nondri Health Centre, was brought into Gumine district station and to Kundiawa yesterday afternoon.

She will be admitted at the Kundiawa General Hospital to recover.

Kale went into Gumine yesterday afternoon to be with the investigation team.

Early reports from Gumine stated that expatriate was kidnapped at Kegama village and taken to Morokul village at around 10am last Wednesday.

He was tied to a post inside a house before his kidnappers took his pregnant wife, of mixed Jiwaka and Manus parentage, to a nearby bush where more than 10 men raped her.

The attackers later took the husband (Tony) into a bush where he still remained missing.

The wife was then taken into captivity where they allegedly continued to rape her until the next day.

Gumine district administration assisted police with logistics to look for the missing man.




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  1. Those people who abducted the woman and the expatriate man are not human beings,they are animals.