Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teachers reminded



TEACHERS have been reminded to resume duties on Monday, Jan 31, The National reports.

Acting secretary for education Dr Joseph Pagelio said teachers were required by law to complete the resumption of duty summary sheet (RoDSS) on the first day that they resume duty at the school.

“This activity is important because it will confirm that the teacher posted to that school by the national education board (NEB) or provincial education board (PEB) and had actually taken up the duty on the appointed position,” Pagelio said in a statement yesterday.

He said, filling the RoDSS would also determine continuity of the teacher’s salary payments for the year.

Pagelio said principals, head teachers, managers and senior teachers present on the first day of school must check to ensure all entries on RoDSS were completed properly and signed by all teachers.

He said RoDSS must then be forwarded to the provincial education office for teachers in provincial institutions and respective assistant secretaries at Fincorp Haus for teachers in the national institutions for the forms to be submitted to payroll and related services branch within the time-frame.

Pagelio warned that teachers whose RoDSS are not received at Waigani on Feb 28 “will receive their last pay on pay number 5 on March 11”.

He said teachers whose RoDSS are not received at Waigani by Feb 28 would be suspended from the payroll on pay number 6 on March 25.

The secretary urged all officers involved in the resumption exercise to ensure all the necessary forms are completed, checked thoroughly and lodged to the respective offices on the dates stated for the school year to start smoothly.

Pagelio has urged new student intakes for technical, business and polytechnic institutions this year to contact their respective institutions by phone or otherwise before travelling to the college.

Pagelio said students must obtain relevant information about the school fee component prior to their travels on Monday, Feb 7.

He said under the higher education category assistance scheme (HECAS) guidelines, students who have been awarded HECAS at these institutions must pay 75% component of the fees.



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