Thursday, March 17, 2011

Huli of a show

The Huli Duna cultural group from PNG was the best, attracting the young and old, during the Kundu music at the World Music Festival in Adelaide, Australia, last weekend.

PAPUA New Guinea’s Huli wigmen stole the show at the international music festival in Adelaide last weekend. The PNG community and former residents took on board the Huli Duna cultural group despite customs and immigration preventing the Huli’s their traditional singsing gears into Australia.
Chairman Simon Bole said, with the strict restrictions, the group was denied performance on Friday and Saturday but with the intervention by organisers, the Australian government allowed the groups’ traditional gear.
Adelaide media stated in its reports that the festival has sold out a record 334,000 tickets over the weekend fest and the Huli group was the first from PNG to perform.

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