Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tamate's last appeal for more funding



ACTING Public Prosecutor Jim Wala Tamate, who will vacate his job today, has called on the government to improve funding for the office of the public prosecutor, The National reports.

He said improved funding would greatly assist state lawyers execute their responsibilities in court and effectively uphold the laws of PNG.

“Adequate government funding was vital for the effective running of the office of the public prosecutor, whose major role is to ensure law and order is upheld.”

He made specific reference to the day-to-day running of the office and sending public prosecutors (state lawyers) to the provinces to prosecute court matters.

Tamate said another option to improve public prosecutor performance was to set up provincial offices, adequately manned by public prosecutors on the ground.

He said the staff ceiling requirement at the office of the public prosecutor was more than 100 personnel.

“However, what we have now is just over half that number.”

He said over the years, the public prosecutor had been running back and forth to Treasury to seek additional funding, even after the budget had been handed down.

On his future plans, Tamate said he would stay on in the office as a senior state lawyer.

His colleague Camillus Sambua will take over as acting public prosecutor.



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