Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hidden Valley mine to provide K30, 000 diesel fuel for Mumeng dozer


 Caption:Mining Minister Hon John Pundari officially cuts the ribbon signifying the launching of the D3 bulldozer for Mumeng LLG.


Hidden Valley Mine will supply K30 000 worth of fuel assistance towards helping the Mumeng local level government's (LLG) district services improvement programme.

The undertaking was made in Sambio yesterday by Hidden Valley community affairs manager, Stanley Komunt, witnessed by Minister for Mines, Hon John Pundari, Bulolo MP Sam Basil, Mumeng LLG representatives and the people of Mumeng during the launching of the districts bulldozer – a continuation of Basil's capacity-building programme for the six LLGs in Bulolo district.

Komunt said the commitment from HVJV to help provide K30, 000 worth of fuel to the district was made after HVJV approached the MP and offered to partner with the district following numerous community requests, so that road access into the middle Watut areas could be re-established.

The bulldozer's first job will be to help –re-negotiate access for the only existing road into the middle Watut from Bangalum Bridge after a number of landslips had rendered the road impassable for vehicles about four years ago.

This would enable the communities living in the area to have much-needed and easier access through vehicle movements to the main highway as well as provide company access when delivering on planned community and regional development programmes.

Pundari commended Hidden Valley mine and MP Basil for coming together to help deliver services to the people of Mumeng LLG and Middle Watut.

"When a leaders' heart is in the right place, tangible developments occur and the people see real service delivery," he said.

The Mining Minister also acknowledged the Grand Chief, Sir Michael Somare and his government for ensuring that all 89 districts were given their district support improvement programme (DSIP) funds, regardless of political alliances, opposition or government.

"Real leaders always place national interest and the needs of the people of this country at the forefront because they are mandated to do so by the people," he said,

Basil acknowledged the minister's presence and acceptance to attend the launching, including MMJV and the community for making time to attend.

 Currently, people of the Middle Watut walk very long distances, sometimes, travelling over two days before they reach the main highway or the river further below where they can then get canoes and travel downstream.

The recent fuel assistance will provide the basis for using the districts bulldozer to start work that will hopefully open much-needed access again for the people living along the middle Watut areas.

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