Thursday, June 30, 2011

Abal: Govt is intact



ACTING Prime Minister and Wabag MP Sam Abal has assured the nation that the National Alliance-led government is intact and will continue to dispatch its responsibilities until next year’s general election, The National reports.

Abal said this during a  state-owned enterprises (SOE) consultation on the National Plan and Vision 2050, with the theme “Delivering through SOE” at the Crowne Plaza in Port Moresby yesterday.

He said despite speculations that the NA and coalition partners were splitting and regrouping to elect a new prime mi­nister after Sir Michael Somare stepped down, the go­vernment was intact.

But the talk in the corridors of power is that seve­ral MPs from the go­vernment are in talks with the opposition to change the prime minister when parliament resumes in August.

A few leaders who were interviewed said the coalition partners and NA members remained intact out of respect for Sir Michael.

The sources said since the PM had had been advised by his family to retire, the leaders could make their move.

Abal said in order to bring stability to the go­vernment and in fostering development, all political leaders needed to focus on the development agenda of the country first so “our people do not have to keep asking why they are still poor in a rich country”.

Abal said: “With less than a year to go before writs are issued for the next national election, it is my hope that politicians on both sides of parliament focus their best efforts on the people in their electorates, in deli­vering the best development outcomes possible.

“We can then go to next year’s election confident that which ever party wins the most seats, its leader can become the prime minister.”

Meanwhile, Abal urged all state-owned enterpri­ses to commit themselves to outlining three priority initiatives that could improve their profit margins and result in greater corporate growth.



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