Thursday, June 30, 2011

Elias urges SOE CEOs to improve services



CHIEF Secretary Margaret Elias has urged chief executive officers of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to be responsive towards the joint efforts to implement policies and directives of government geared towards achieving development objectives, The National reports.

She said the CEOs had responsibilities to improve service delivery by providing the environments to support economic growth and social development.

She said they should work closely with the Department of Public Enterprises and Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC) to develop an infrastructure development policy framework which they should present to government as soon as practicable.

Elias added that the state-owned enterprises needed to develop a master plan to be submitted to government by the end of this year.

“The challenge for you is to offer your services and technical advice to both the rural and urban communities in establishing enabling environment,” she said.

“For example, our district treasuries and district hospitals must have electricity and proper water supplies to ensure that they are functioning and which will encourage the local people to access services at the districts.

“I challenge you all to support government in improving service delivery under your organisations’ mandates.

“It is intended that this forum provides an avenue for effective monitoring, evaluation and reporting to government on how SOEs are supporting government in achieving its policy objectives through the existing mechanisms.

“It is imperative that we must improve on our performance as CEOs of state-owned enterprises and heads of agencies of government.”

She said it was a system under which government would enforce compliance and monitor performance particularly at heads of government agency level.

She said there had to be transparency, accountability and commitment in the operations of the organisations they led and be accountable to the government and the people.

Elias said the state-owned enterprises must submit their annual profit and loss statements and valuation of assets for scrutiny by government, through the IPBC.

She urged the CEOs to manage the people within their organisations to create harmony and avoid industrial disputes “which can be a disruption in the economy as well as hinder the achievement of the objectives of their organisations and the expected outcomes as per their business plans.”

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