Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Freeway ban ignored



TRUCKS and semi-trailers are still accessing the Poreporena Freeway despite a ban imposed by police last Thursday, The National reports.

Deputy police commissioner and operations commander Fred Yakasa said roadblocks operated by his men appeared to have failed.

He said there were logistical problems involved in stationing his men at the designated Konedobu and Hohola roundabouts to divert trucks and semi-trailers using the freeway.

“It is not working. I will have to look into this and try to station officers at designated routes to continue monitoring the highway,” Yakasa said.

He said the ban imposed by police was over public safety fears and to protect commercial houses and properties along the roadside.

“I call upon respective transport operators to do something about it and impose measures for motorists and public accessing the freeway.

“Police have tried but it has not worked. We all have to do something.

“The Poreporena Freeway is a death trap. That is what everyone needs to understand,” Yakasa said.

It is understood that no formal meeting with transport operators had been held since the ban was imposed.

National Road Safety Council director Frank Aku had condemned the action by police.

He said the ban on the freeway needed to be approved by the relevant authority before it could be imposed.

“This is public road to be used by all vehicles,” he said.


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