Monday, August 22, 2011

Parkop condemns killing

NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has condemned yesterday's killing of a man at Sikirap Market in 9-Mile, Port Moresby, The National reports.

The man was John Sine Kaupa from Chimbu, who was the operations manager of Kuima Security Service.

He died from multiple bush knife wounds.

The fight left some critically-injured and properties burnt and was between two highlands ethnic groups.

Parkop said the main concern was the killing of a fellow human being in an alcohol-related violence.

 "I condemn the killing and appeal to the community to assist the police in bringing the perpetrators to justice," Parkop said.

He said the parties involved should respect each other and not let the violence escalate.

Parkop said the capital city was made up of different ethnic groups in the country and they should by now learn to live peacefully with each other.

"There are better ways to solve grievances. Resorting to fighting is not the solution. We have to learn to respect lives and properties," Parkop said.

He requested the relatives of the deceased to refrain from "pay-back killings".

Properties worth thousands of kina have been destroyed while opportunists and angry mobs looted trade stores at the scene.

The incident which happened yesterday morning has been what the NCD government strongly campaigned against in its bid to make the capital city safe and crime-free.

Police have already started investigations into the incident.

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