Thursday, August 18, 2011

Residents told to dump rubbish in proper place


LAE residents have been warned not to dump household, shop and industrial waste into Bank South Pacific Go Green campaign rubbish bins installed around the area, The National reports.
Most home owners, shops and industrial firms are avoiding paying garbage fees by dumping their garbage into the newly-installed bins or piling rubbish near the bins at nights.
Lae City authority health services manager Jonathan Ipang said people found dumping their waste would be fined according to the type and volume of rubbish they leave.
He said fines for household waste varied between K50 to K100, while fines for industrial and commercial waste ranged from K500 to K1,000.
Ipang said the BSP rubbish bins had been installed for people in the business centres to dump wastes like plastic shopping bags, empty drink cans and containers, paper and similar rubbish.
He said those who chewed betel nut if found spitting into the bins or in public places, they would be fined K20.
"Keeping the city clean is everybody's business that starts in homes.
"We must learn to keep our environment at homes, city and workplaces clean so as not to create illness and diseases that might affect our health and production," Ipang said. 
Through the Go Green campaign, BSP has provided and installed 50 drums throughout Lae city at locations that include Top Town – 7, Market – 8, Eriku – 7,Voco Point and China Town – 6, Malahang and University of Technology gate three each, Salamanda and St Paul's two each, Snack Bar two, Angau Memorial Hospital two and two each in all five health centres around the city.
The monthly garbage bin sticker for low cost houses costs K20, medium K25 and high covenant K30 while K100 per load for companies that have no service vehicles and require LCA to help them.
For those have service vehicles, shops are to pay K80 while companies K150.
But before heading to the Second Seven dumpsite, they are required to collect a dumpsite entry sticker at LCA office

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