Monday, September 19, 2011

Angry crowd turns on Chimbu polly

THREE police officers saved the life of Chimbu Governor Fr John Garia when he was attacked by an angry mob in Gembogl, The National reports.
A large crowd had gathered there to celebrate PNG's 36th Independence anniversary last Friday. And part of the crowd turned on Garia, smashing his vehicle before burning it.
Eyewitnesses said Garia would have been killed if the police officers had not acted quickly to protect him.
The officers, attached with the Kundiawa police task force, were escorting newly-elected Kundiawa-Gembogl MP Tobias Kulang to Gembogl.
He was there to address people on the maintenance of the Kundiawa-Gembogl road and the district services improvement programme funds.
Garia went to Gembogl at Kulang's invitation to explain to the people about road upgrading.
A Kundiawa task force vehicle arrived 30 minutes later to rescue the governor and bring him to Kundiawa.
Garia later said in Kundiawa that he could not understand the motive behind the attack on him.
Chimbu administrator Joe Kunda condemned the attack and called on police to investigate the incident.
The attack occurred less than a month after a separate attack on Defence Minister and Kerowagi MP Guma Wau by his own Dagle people at Moroma

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