Monday, September 19, 2011

City residents mark 36 years of nationhood in peace

THE nation's capital experienced a colourful weekend since it began the 36th Independence anniversary celebrations last week, The National reports.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop made sure the spirit of independence was felt in all corners of the city.
The main celebration was held at the Jack Pidik Park in Gordon while other institutions such as the University of Papua New Guinea, Pacific Adventist University and Bomana Police Training College held similar celebrations to mark the special day.
Parkop officially opened the celebrations last Thursday.
The main activities held during the celebrations included float parades, live concerts that included gospel, local and traditional band performances, various sports activities, artifacts and crafts displays, commercial promotions by business houses and traditional dances by various provincial groups.
The Independence celebrations also coincided with the Hiri Moale Festival on Saturday, which saw a huge turn-out at the Ela Beach seafront and the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium.
The celebrations were peaceful with good police presence and concluded on a high note on Saturday with fireworks displays and live music concerts at the Jack Pidik Park

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