THE National Executive Council has agreed to continue the public-private partnership policy to assist the country's infrastructure projects, The National reports.
Minister for Works and Transport Francis Awesa said the government had accepted the policy to implement its key infrastructure projects.
He said the government saw the partnership procurement methods as best for the Department of Transport, Works and the National Road Authority.
He said the Lae and Highlands highways, Gulf-Southern Highlands Highway and the Paia wharf would be among the first projects to be implemented.
He said the first part of the Lae-Highlands highway project from Lae wharf to Nadzab would proceed with a four-lane road construction costing about K4 billion.
In addition, the K2 billion Gulf-Southern Highlands Highway and the Kikori seaport development would come under the project.
He said infrastructures such as roads, airports and seaports were important catalyst to the economic growth of any country