Monday, October 10, 2011

Kapris tells critic to run for election next year

MAPRIK MP Gabriel Kapris has called on public servants wishing to contest the next general election to resign from their jobs instead of issuing misleading media statements against politicians, The National reports.
Kapris said this in response to Simon Kwingu, of Lae, who was critical of Kapris and his People's Action Party's move to join government and his involvement in controversial projects like the casino hotel in NCD and the PMIZ project in Madang.
Kapris said Kwingu was a teacher at the Balob Teachers College who had contested the Maprik seat in 2002 and lost.
"I challenge him to leave his comfort zone and return to Maprik and challenge me in the 2012 general election," he said.
Kapris called on people who did not know about the marine industrial zone in Madang to shut up.
He said the PMIZ project had so much benefit compared to the LNG project.
He said the PMIZ would make the country the world's major tuna exporter, create 40,000 jobs, help other maritime provinces and create many business opportunities.
"There are issues like landowner benefits and environment issues that the government is managing very well," Kapris said.
Kapris said PAP's move to government was not a mistake

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