Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Contractors help in recovering bodies

LNG operators and contractors are assisting the SHP provincial disaster office and the national disaster and emergency services in Port Moresby with rescue and resettlement activities, The National reports.
It follows the massive landside near the Hides gas fields last week.
The Hides Gas Development Corporation last Friday donated 48 buckets with water purifiers, extra large tarpaulins, windup torches, medical supplies and food rations.
The company is expected to beef up its assistance once they received a full report from the SHP provincial disaster and the NDES.
The companies are also awaiting the disaster team to advise on the next step.
The provincial disaster team is headed by Martin Pat and includes the provincial police commander Supt John Anawe, NDES Officers Andrew Oaege and Elizabeth Michaels of the Department of Mineral Policy and Geo-hazard Management.
A disaster report has been submitted to the NEC but the mutiny case stopped the NEC from deliberating on the report last week.

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