Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dame Carol Kidu is a breath of fresh air


I predict that by next month, we will have a new Parliamentary Opposition Leader in the only woman MP we have in parliament, Dame Carol Kidu.
This is her statement on the last 72 hours of recent events in Port Moresby: "That's the problem of being the only woman in PNG politics - you can't compete with the big boys and their guns."
  Last Saturday, Dame Carol, a long-time loyal Somare minister, disassociated herself from the Somare side, declaring herself horrified at its support of the mutiny.
Well done Dame! I have the greatest of respect fpor you at the very point in time.
A very good move now in light of what is happening in PNG politics!
Please take charge of our Opposition in Parliament. The people will support you at this juncture because you will no doubt bring back some semblance or good order and disciplined governance in Parliament  (and the government) before PNG goes to the national general elections by mid-year.

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  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Good on u Dame Carol Kidu. Now we have a voice in the opposition. God save PNG!!!!