Monday, May 28, 2012

Today's buai pekpek (betelnut shit) in Port Moresby


Today, apart from the buai pekpek, I'd also like to highlight the problem of plastics, which is literally choing us to death.
Plastics should be banned!
Also today, I had the pleasure of  National Capital District (NCD) Governor Powes Parkop commenting on my Facebook page about the buai pekpek problem in Port Moresby.
"I am open to suggestion and solutions that can work," Parkop said,
"Right now I have not heard or seen any new ideas that is viable so that's why I am sticking to the approach we are implementing: educating and enforcing.
"The other suggestion that has been propsed to me is to release bugs to kill the betel nut palm
". I am tempted to do this but prefer to educate and change attitude instead.
" It wont work overnight but if we continue we will suceed.
"Next stage is to spot fine chewers and spitters.
" I am waiting for workable solutions."

Plastic and other litter in a Hohola drain

Plastic in a Hohola drain

Plastics are choking us to death and should be banned!

A messy Hohola drain

Plastic and rubbish galore at Hohola

Plastic clogs up a drain along Wards Road, Hohola

Buai pekpek and plastics...a sickening combination!

Some looney burnt rubbish in this bin and then toppled it over along Waigani Drive, outside BSP Waigani

BSP Waigani, a lovely building, messed up by buai pekpek in and around its vicinity

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