Thursday, October 11, 2012

In Port Moresby today

Here are some of my best shots from my wanderings around Port Moresby today.

View from the 5th floor of Morauta Haus, Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc's conference room, towards Sir John Guise Drive, Waigani, this morning. At right is the big 'white elephant' known as the Pineapple Building!-All pictures by MALUM NALU

Cruising down the freeway today on my way to Downtown Port Moresby!

The harbour looked pretty as a picture when we were cruising down the freeway today!

The view was breathtakingly beautiful as we cruised down the freeway today!

We missed the Hiri Moale Festival last month and hope it's not gone forever!

Bottleneck as we try to squeeze our way into Downtown Port Moresby today!

Crowne Plaza Hotel in Downtown Port Moresby may look gray compared to its flashy new neighbour, the Grand Papua Hotel, however, it's still the place to meet and do business!

Downtown Port Moresby today. Notice something? The place looks clean because the buai sellers are being chased away, and rightfully so!

The 20-storey Grand Papua Hotel, the tallest building in Port Moresby and PNG, towers over Downtown Port Moresby today.

Bank South Pacific and Deloittes Tower show their true colours against a cloudless Port Moresby sky today.

Work on the Holiday Inn extension at Waigani today.

I love Papua New Guineans because we have no brains, as this picture shows! The sign reads: "Yusim het bilong yu, noken spet (use your brains, don't spit)", however, some brainless has already spat it red!

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