Saturday, October 06, 2012

National Research Institute forum: Future of Public Enterprise and State Investments

THE National Research Institute (NRI) is extending an invitation to interested participants to a workshop being organised at the invitation of the Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investments, aimed at discussing ideas on the strategic direction for the role of the State in Enterprises.
The workshop will be held at the National Parliament conference room on Tuesday,  October 9 and Wednesday,  October 10.
 Dr Thomas Webster, the director of the NRI, says state-owned enterprises or SOEs “supply our most essential services, such as power and water and are responsible for important national infrastructure such as our ports and our telecommunications".

 Dr Webster added that the state currently holds shares in major investments such as the 19.5% share of the PNG liquefied natural gas project.
 “The O’Neill Government, through the Alotau Accord, the Governor General's Statement to Parliament, and the Prime Minister's Statement to Parliament, has made it clear that the Government will ensure that SOEs make profit while delivering service and the explore ways to maximise PNG's shares from the exploitation of the country's natural resources," he said.
 "Through this forum, the government wishes to gather options, views and ideas from the wider stakeholder community useful for inclusion in its strategic policy document.
 “This is an opportunity for the community to contribute ideas that can be captured in a strategic policy direction for consideration, approval and implementation by Government.”
 Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has agreed to open the forum.
Others who will attend include the Ben Micah, Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investments, senior statesmen, outspoken provincial governors, CEOs of SOEs, unions, representatives of business and commerce, the non-governments sector, academia and donor agencies.
 Discussion sessions will include the Ssate’s funding and ownership structure and mechanisms, the involvement of the private sector in service delivery and infrastructure provision, community Ssrvice obligations (CSOs), sectoral policies and community requirements and the structure for enhancing Papua New Guinean benefits from the development of the nation's natural resources.
 “We can learn from the past and current models and carve our way as a nation for new effective models.," Dr Webster said.
This forum provides the avenue for us to explore such options."

Registration for the forum is essential. To register, please contact:
Logea Nao
Phone: 3260 300
Fax: 326 0213

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