Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Today's buai pekpek in Port Moresby


After the rains last night, Port Moresby looked as filthy as a pigsty today, but even pigs would have a lot more sense.
Papua New Guinea is now recognised as the richest country in the Pacific, however, it also holds the title of the dirtiest country in the Pacific.
And to think that the Pacific Games is a little over two years away!
The NGOs, it seems, are attacking everything under the sun from mining to fishing - to get more funding, of course - however, not one word about plastics, which is choking us to death in our towns and cities, and what comes out to sea through drains choke our fish, turtles, and other marine life!

Council, if you still exist in Port Moresby, there's this big mound of earth and plastic along Wards Road, Hohola.

Welcome to Port Moresby! This is one of our biggest attractions! Would you care for a buai?

Business as usual outside BSP Waigani this morning, and as you can see, the clients include BSP staff!

Informal sector: But at what cost? I treasure a cleaner city more!

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