Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Peanut boys of Markham a big hit

Commuters along the Leron Bridge stretch in the Markham Valley will not fail to notice the iconic ‘Peanut Boys of Leron’.
The young men, who come from the nearby villages, sell big bunches of peanuts ranging from K1 to K5 to passers-by on vehicles.

Given that hundreds of people travel along the Highlands Highway every day, between the Highlands and Lae, the peanut boys make a fortune.
“We make a lot of money,” one said.
The ‘Peanut Boys of Leron’ are pictured here on Friday, Nov 15 plying their trade and have become icons, just like the Markham Valley and the nearby Leron River. Words and picture by MALUM NALU

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