Saturday, December 28, 2013

A day cruise to Fisherman's Island

All pictures @MALUM NALU

On Sunday, Dec 15, 2013, my elder brother David and his children invited my children and ! for a day cruise to Daugo (Fisherman's) Island off Port Moresby.
We had a wonderful time, leaving the yacht club at about 10am on the BAT vessel Maus Wara, trying out some fishing with no luck, and then ended up at the island where we swam and enjoyed lunch.
Here are some pictures of our wonderful day in the sun.
At the Yacht Club.

Sea princesses.

Cousin Yawic with Keith and Moasing.

In the wake of the Maus Wara.

Keith is so excited about his first boat trip.

Likewise, Moasing is so excited.

David (and me below) trying forthe big one that got away.

Nearing Fisherman's Island.

Fun in the son on Fisherman's Island.

Other sunseekers on Fisherman's Island.

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