Saturday, December 28, 2013

Binimamp - a typical Markham Valley village

Pictures @MALUM NALU

On Friday, Nov 15, 2013, I travelled home to Lae  for the confirmation of my two nieces at Ampo Lutheran Church.
That afternoon, we drove upto the village of my brother-in-law Goromp Nawatz, at Binimamp village in Kaiapit, Markham Valley, to collect food for the occassion.
Here are some pictures of the occassion.
That's me with children of Binimamp.

Binimamp village

Village woman cleaning up.

Typical village house

On the road to Binimamp

That's me.

Marafri (bananas) cooked in coconut cream in clay pots.

Goromp and me having marafri

Village house with lots of food.

Food galore.

Children gathering firewood.

Food galore,

Sunset over Binimamp.

A house along the main Highlands Highway.

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