Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Port Moresby embarks on K800 million road projects

Port Moresby has embarked on a massive roads development which will cost up to K800 million, according to city manager Leslie Alu.
He said these projects included the K318 million four-lane arterial road from Poreporena Freeway to 9-Mile by China Harbour Engineering (CHE), K160 million Kookaburra Street to Erima Flyover by Hawkins, K84 million Gordon Industrial Area by Global, K77 million four-lane road from Erima to 9-Mile by Dekenai, K62 million 6-Mile to Jackson Airport road by Hebou, and K52 million Paga ring road by Curtain Bros.
The Kookaburra St – Erima Flyover in 3D from Hawkins. There will be a roundabout underneath at Erima Junction, which is in contractor Dekenai’s scope.
Construction is set to commence in mid January  2014 and ground breaking planned in mid December 2013.-Pictures courtesy of NCDC

Work is already progressing at Gordon Industrial Centre, Erima to 9-Mile, 6-Mile to Jackson Airport, and Paga Ring Road.
Alu said the receipt of the environmental permit from the Department of Environment and Conservation last  Friday would fast track loan approval from the Exim Bank of China for the four-lane arterial road from Poreporena Freeway to 9-Mile.
Construction of the Kookaburra Street – Erima Flyover is set to commence in January 2014 with groundbreaking planned for later this month.
“We haven’t found out whether the Exim Bank has approved the loan or not,” Alu said.
“As soon as they receive the environmental permit, the process will continue.
“It’s one of the conditions of approving the loan.
“As soon as this permit is received by the bank, they’ll approve it.
“Construction should start pending approval by the Exim Bank.
“We anticipate that we should start by February.”
Alu said contractor Hawkins already had the plan for the Kookaburra Street to Erima Flyover in place.
“Hawkins has already started on Kookaburra Street,” he said.
“They’ve just completed geo-technical studies.
“They’ve already got preliminary drawings of what it should look like.”
Alu is keeping his fingers crossed that these two projects will be ready in time for the 2015 Pacific Games.
“They will be completed before the Games start,” he said.
“When the (Exim) bank doesn’t approve the loan, there will be further delays, but we feel that the timing of construction in March 1 next year will be ample time to finish the job.
“We’ve got a time frame and we’re keeping within the time frame.
“The only concern us the Kookaburra road, but I think it will be done on time before the games.”

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