Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Airlines PNG crash report not available...yet

The report into the Airlines PNG crash of October 2011 in which 28 people died will not be available for at least another 60 days, according to Accident Investigation Commission chief commissioner Nema Yalo.
Yalo, flanked by his deputy Micah Mas, commissioner Minson Peni and chief executive David Inau told reporters last month that the report had been completed but was now going through a “directly involved persons (DIPS)” process to get comments
“The AIC would like to inform the people in the country that it has progressed its investigations into the accident involving Airlines PNG, on Oct 13, 2011, where so many passengers lost their lives,” he said.
“It is currently going through what is called the DIPS process, the report of the investigation being sent out to directly involved persons for their comments
“Directly involved persons would involve aircraft manufacturers or aircraft part manufacturers, for them to comment on the report, and also families of victims.
“AIC is currently going through that process.
“We have a report that has been done.
“Under the International Civil Aviation Organization requirements, we are not going to publish this or distribute it for public consumption at this stage.
“As to when this report will be ready, is really a matter of process and I must inform the public that it is not like investigating a simple traffic accident on the road.
“There are international civil aviation requirements and rules that must be followed.
“When aircraft accidents happen, like the Arlines PNG accident, you look at parts like propellors and engines being sent out to the manufacturers to analyse and that takes a lot of time.
“That will require experts to take a look, test it and the analysis comes back to the AIC.
“The AIC does not necessarily have to agree with any suggestions or any comments from directly involved persons.”
The report into the Oct 13, 2011 Airlines PNG crash in which 28 people were killed in Madang has been completed, according to Accident Investigation Commission chief executive David Inau.
The Airlines PNG de Havilland Dash 8-100, registration P2-MCJ performing flight CG-1600 from Lae to Madang with 28 passengers and four crew, was lost from radar about 20km south of Madang around 5pm.
The aircraft was later located on land about 20km south of Madang, on fire.
A total 28 occupants perished while both pilots as well as a flight attendant and a passenger survived.

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