Tuesday, January 07, 2014

No budget support for investigations into plane accidents

 The PNG Accident Investigation Commission is disappointed that it has not been allocated any funding in the 2014 national budget to carry out investigations into plane accidents.
“In 2014, Accident Investigation Commission has not been allocated any funds for conducting investigations,” Accident Investigation Commission chief commissioner Nema Yalo told reporterslast month.
“It’s provided funds just for emoluments.
“This is very important because the Accident Investigation Commission of PNG has to comply with international civil aviation requirements.
“That means that whenever accidents happen, AIC investigators must be on site immediately to ensure the aircraft are safe for investigations to begin immediately.
“If we have to salvage aircraft from underwater, that will require money, and if we don’t have money, we don’t go out and investigate because we don’t have the financial resources.
“We’re failing our obligations under the international civil aviation requirements.
“The importance of that is that the International Civil Aviation Organisation can bar international flights coming into Port Moresby or into the nation, and flying out of PNG.
“It has negative implications for our aviation industry.
“I’d like to call on the government to find money elsewhere and provide for accident investigation.”

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