Sunday, September 07, 2014

A never-ending story

I thought that yesterday, being a Saturday, traffic would be slow but vehicles were lined up bumper-to-bumper from 9-Mile to Erima. 
And we still don't know neither from contractor Dekenai Construction norNational Capital District Powes Parkop as to when the road will be completed,
 Maybe after the 2015 Pacific Games?

 Last night, after an afternoon at the cinema with the kids, the cab took the back road from Erima as traffic was chock-a-block along the main highway and it was quite scary ploughing through mud, the settlement, drunks, and those obviously high on marijuana. 
I can only imagine what could have happened if we got bogged in a quagmire, ran out of fuel, or had a flat tyre.
 There are worse stories to tell. 
This is what we have to go through every day because of the prolonged road construction between Erima and 9-Mile by Dekanai Construction,
A neighbour of mine, who happens to be one of the top civil engineers in the country, was telling me on Friday (in the long line between 8-Mile and Erima) that the NCD Commission  should have forced contractor Dekenai to speed up work on the Erima-9Mile portion of the Hubert Murray Highway instead of letting so many people suffer in silence like this every day.
 He also said us denizens of the deep could take a class action against the company for so much suffering inflicted on us by deliberate prolonged road construction. 

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