Monday, December 29, 2014

O’Neill welcomes re-election of Shinzo Abe in Japan

December 29,  2014 
Office of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has written to offer his congratulations to the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, following his re-election this month.
At Japan’s general election on December 14 this year, Abe’s political coalition, made up of his own Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito political party, received a two-thirds majority in the Lower House of Japan’s Parliament, called the Diet.
Abe was subsequently re-elected by the Diet and has now announced his Cabinet.
In his letter, O’Neill congratulated Abe on the large proportion of the vote received by the ruling Coalition, and highlighted the ongoing strengthening of ties between Japan and Papua New Guinea.
"Our Government has every confidence that the objectives set by Prime Minister Abe for his next term of Government will be accomplished,” he said later.
“Papua New Guinea’s trading relationship with Japan continues to expand, and in June this year we had the honor of Japan receiving our first LNG shipment.
“We anticipate that we will see our trade and investment relationship continue to grow in the coming years.
 O’Neill said Japan’s commitment to continuing to build ties with Pacific Island nations had also been enhanced under Abe’s leadership.
“Prime Minister Abe has indicated a strong desire for Japan to be active in the Pacific to increase trade and enhance development.
“This was demonstrated during the visit by Prime Minister Abe and his delegation to Papua New Guinea in July this year.
“Japan is delivering a 20 billion Yen (K428 million Kina) development package over a three year period in Papua New Guinea.
“This covers a number of initiates in areas such as education, health, infrastructure, law and order, rural development and fisheries.
“Papua New Guinea values our partnership with Japan and we look forward to this continuing to strengthen with Shinzo Abe as Japan’s Prime Minister.”
Prime Minister O’Neill said he looked forward to meeting Abe in 2015.

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