Wednesday, May 27, 2015

O'Neill: Human resource capacity building is a priority for the nation

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill  said strengthening human resources in Papua New Guinea is one of the most important challenges faced today and everyone in the country needs to play a part.
He made the comments yesterday while awards to leading Papua New Guinean organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to developing the human resource capacity of the nation. 
The awards were presented on the opening day of the 2015 Papua New Guinea Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI) National Congress in Port Moresby.
 "Our nation in a period of true transition and it is absolutely vital we get this transition right,"  O'Neill said.
"As a community, and as a country, we need everyone to do his or her part in making sure that we develop our country to have a better standard of living.
"Our Government is focusing on ensuring the transition we are going through today is going to deliver real benefits to Papua New Guineans, especially for our children into the future.
"This human resources conference is very important in ensuring our country takes a strategic approach in strengthening the human resources capacity.
"I am looking forward to receiving the outcomes of your deliberations."
The Prime Minister said education was central to fully develop human resources in Papua New Guinea.
"One thing I want our people to remember is that this government is all about educating people in our country through investment in students, teachers and infrastructure.
"As an example, with new infrastructure we are able to increase the intake at the University of Papua New Guinea.  This is due in part to the increase in student accommodation when we hand over the Games Village to the university.
"The Government will continue to invest in the learning facilities in our country, and we are naming these institutions in the budget so that money goes direct to these schools.
"The funding of education, like many core government services, can be delivered at a local level where needs can be properly assessed and funds delivered direct.
"Our Government is ensuing that for the first time there is a transition of funds that are going directly to the districts and to the local communities.
"We are funding Local Level Government authorities this year with K100,000 and next year this will again increase to K500,000.
"This is for every LLG in the country, and we are funding every district through funding that has never been there before.
"I urge people to go to the remote areas and see that this funding is being fully used."

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