Friday, May 01, 2015

PM O’Neill sounds warning to people involved with illegal drugs

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has called on individuals who might be tempted to be involved in drug crime to think twice or ruin the rest of their lives.

O'Neill made the comments in response to media requests following recent drug crime stories in the national media.
"In relation to recent arrests in Indonesia of Papua New Guineans on charges of drug possession, it would not be appropriate to comment as these matters are due to appear before the courts," the Prime Minister said.
"Papua New Guinea is providing consular support to those who have been arrested and we will continue to monitor the situation."
"In relation to the broader issue of drug smuggling, be this is Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Australia or any other country, I have a simple message.  Anyone considering transporting illegal drugs must be prepared for the consequences, and these consequences are serious.  
"In the ASEAN region in particular the penalties for drug smuggling are very strong, and everyone travelling to these countries knows what a serious crime it is to have or carry drugs.  
"The signs are posted at immigration entry points and information is read out on arriving flights.  Travellers are warned that these countries have very strict drug laws, and drug trafficking carries a mandatory death penalty and this is also applied to foreigners.
"Improvements in law enforcement around the region means that there is a much greater chance now that drug smugglers will be caught.
"People who get involved in this illegal activity can expect to be arrested, convicted and given a serious sentence."
The Prime Minister called for vigilance and awareness in families and communities to work together and with the Government to deal with drug problems.
"Drug abuse is a dark cloud over society all around the world and every day countless numbers of people die and families are broken.
"The Government is working through law enforcement agencies and with community organisations including our churches to deal with these issues
"It takes a community effort from everyone to work together to try to prevent people from taking drugs, while at the same time finding and arresting those who are involved with drug crime."

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