Saturday, May 02, 2015

Prime Minister welcomes 10th Successor of Don Bosco

Prime Minister's Media

Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, has welcomed the 10th Successor of Don Bosco, Rector Major, Fr Angel Fernandez Artime, SDB, and his delegation from Rome, to Papua New Guinea on Thursday.
At a reception dinner held at the Don Bosco Technological Institute in Port Moresby on Thursday, PM O'Neill said on behalf of the Government and people of Papua New Guinea, "I warmly welcome Fr Angel Fernandez Artime and his delegation from Rome.
"I would like to express our appreciation of the good work Don Bosco Technological Institute continues to do in our country," the Prime Minister said.
"What the Churches are or have been doing for many years, illustrates the importance in guiding our men and women to improve their lives and careers."
He acknowledged that Don Bosco had been at the forefront in providing skills and education to many of our citizens for many years.
"Recently our government announced the Church-partnership program, which is providing many good opportunities in our communities.
"Our government has also embarked on an education programme through free education, adding an additional one million children into schools throughout the country.
"However, that would not have been achieved without the support of our church-funded institutions like Don Bosco, and we appreciate the support and the work that they continue to do."
The Prime Minister said ongoing economic growth, the nation needed a more skilled workforce into the future that could ensure that growth continued.
"Don Bosco's contribution to training our workforce and improving the capacity of our youth is immensely valued.
"This is a partnership that we critically value – a partnership we want to continue to strengthen.
"Therefore, I am giving you my absolute assurance and commitment, that this government will continue to support the good work that Don Bosco is doing under the Catholic denomination and further support other churches as well.
The Rector Major and his delegation will be visiting Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands from April 30 to May 5, to commemorate the Bicentenary (1815-2015) of Fr Don Bosco's birth.

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