Sunday, September 20, 2015

PM O’Neill congratulates nation on an outstanding week of national celebration

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill  has congratulated people around the nation for an outstanding week of celebration for 40 years of Independence.
O'Neill made the comment as a week of celebrations drew to a close.
"We have seen national pride on show over the past week, from the capital city to remote villages," the Prime Minister said.
"People have been proudly displaying our nation's flag and the flags of their provinces, with great attendance at national events.
"From Port Moresby the nation watched a world-class concert that celebrated national culture and entertainment, and we saw another large attendance at the flag raising ceremony.
"Papua New Guinea is a great nation and one that all Papua New Guineans can be proud of."
The Prime Minister reiterated his observation that Independence is not only about 40 years of Independence, but the celebration of thousands of years of rich history and culture that has made the country what it is today.
"We celebrate more than 800 languages and cultures that we have developed across our lands.
"We are a nation of diversity that is rich and amazing, and we are a united nation."
"As a country, we have brought together our diversity to create modern Papua New Guinea."
O'Neill said everyone can look back with pride on what the nation has achieved together and look forward with confidence to an even better future for our children.
He said the government will continue to ensure all families have free education, better health care and better community services they are entitles too as citizens of this country.
"The introduction of free school education has been a milestone for our nation. Today, two million of our children are in school at all levels of education."
"But we must build on this. The next steps include improving teacher training and teacher numbers," O'Neill said.
He said the government want more young people to go to universities and do other studies.
"We are increasing places at higher learning institutions each year.
"Our Government will continue to strengthen technical training in our community.
"And through our vocational schools, we will empower our people with skills to get more jobs in key areas of fisheries, tourism and agriculture."
O'Neill said Papua New Guinea may be blessed with many natural resources, but the country's greatest resource by far is the people.

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