Friday, June 15, 2018

Air Niugini general-manager reflects on a sad day

Air Niugini General-Manager Commercial

Air Niugini has been in existence for 45 years serving this country with pride.

It has always been for me a symbol of unity, a unifying factor in bringing our country together for the past 45 years.

 For a country with very limited road infrastructure, it was the airline that brought our people together.

 From East to West or North to South, it was PX that brought us together.

When you traveling in from overseas and you board an Air Niugini aircraft in one of our overseas destinations, you get a sense of pride as you see the bird of paradise on the tail of the aircraft and you know you are home.

For over 2000 staff who work day and night to ensure our airline flies and continue to serve our people every day, despite criticism at times and the fact that many routes are non-profitable but we have to continue to operate as part of our obligation to our country, today is indeed a very sad day in the history of our airline and country.
I am saddened to see the picture below and it breaks my heart.

For me after serving our airline for 36 years,  I am in tears.

 I am sure many of our staff who are so committed to this airline and our country are asking themselves WHY?

After the incident of today, our first priority was to get our dedicated crew out of harms way.

Am pleased that no passenger was harmed but the aircraft, WHY?

This post is my personal reflection of today’s event and is not necessarily of the airline acknowledging I hold a senior post in the airline.

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