Friday, June 15, 2018

The shame of a Southern Highlands woman


I am so ashamed to be a Southern Highlander right now.
Jacquelene Tanda

Riots over court decision related to "rigged election" allegations result in the burning down of a plane belonging to our flag carrier.

It begs the question WHY?

Why are we as a province allowing people from two or three districts to engage in acts of terrorism and tar us all with the same paintbrush?

 Why are we acting like Peter O'Neil/Michael Nali/William Powi etc own Air Niugini so we burn it down?

Why are other districts looking at this like a Mendi/Nipa problem and distancing ourselves?

Why do supporters feel the need to burn our historical buildings because their candidate did not make it?

 Are these the kind of leaders we want representing us?

 Plis mi sem ya.

 Yumi tok Souths Pawa na where stap pawa blo yumi? 

We have just declared war on Papua New Guinea by burning the one thing that unites us PNG people.

We need to think hard about our destiny as a people and make some hard decisions.

Time blo sackcloth and ashes lo mekim traipla repent because we are no longer Souths Pawa.

By our complicity and passivity, we have become Souths Pawa-less

Shame, shame, shame!

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