Monday, February 23, 2009

Inaugural Agri Trade Expo set for June in Kimbe

KIMBE, West New Britain Province, is all geared up for the inaugural Agri Trade Expo scheduled for June 6-7, 2009.
Chairman of the Agri Trade Expo Andrew Runawery (pictured left) announced this in Port Moresby last Friday.
This year’s expo is specifically tailored to harness two awesome days of fun-filled activities for corporate houses, government institutions and statutory bodies, mon-government organisations, donour agencies, small farmers and aspiring agri entrepreneurs to demonstrate, promote, educate and exhibit their products and services to the general public.
“We are providing an avenue for effect communication or dissemination of information at the expo,” Mr Runawery said.
“The province is growing politically, socially and economically.
“Sometimes referred to as the ‘oil palm province’, it was the first in the country to trial the government-established oil palm industry in 1967.
“Since then it has never looked back.
“There are now 40 plantation estates and 30 resettlement schemes to date, including numerous village oil palm blocks.
West New Britain is now a leader in the agriculture sector in the Islands Region.
“The province also has abundant natural resources such as timber, fisheries, cattle and also gold, which is currently in its advanced exploration stage at Mt Pench.
“There are also other cash crops supporting the local economy, that is, copra and cocoa. “However, palm oil still remains the major income earner.”
Mr Runawery said this was a new concept initiative in Kimbe.
“The Agri Expo concept is linked to and complements other existing plans and policies which the government has endorsed, and is in accord with the core development strategy Medium Term Development Strategy 2005-2010 (Department of National Planning and Rural Development, 2004), and consistent with the requirement to empower Papua New Guineans to mobilise their own resources for a higher living standard.
“We are committed in supporting all stakeholders to sustained growth which will increase our position of strength and enlarge our worth to the community.
“We will create an environment that recognises, rewards, provides personal growth, self-esteem and above all, empower Papua New Guineans to mobilise their own resources for a higher living standard.”
Mr Runawery said this event endeavored to sow a seed into the mindsets of this generation, the next and beyond in West New Britain to stay at home and work the land.
“It is fertile and there are spin-off projects that one can engage into from palm oil or start something new,” he said.
“There is no need to flock into the other major centres to look for opportunities.
“Education and the Job market is ‘bottled necked’ there.
“Flocking into these centres creates further congestion and adds to more social issues.
“The event has been given tremendous support in its early stages by the both the corporate sector and government institutions.
“A numbers of PNG’s leading finance institutions and agri business houses were amongst the first to book/secure stall placings upon the event’s first announcement.
“Special reservations were made to cater for the Health Department to conduct awareness on HIV AIDS, TB and also various law enforcement agencies to conduct awareness on social issues.
“This year’s event will be a catalyst and a model for future like events to emulate.
“Dorland Marketing and Event Management will manage the Expo.
“Dorland has a solid business acumen in agri business development and management and, therefore, is ideally competent to manage an event of such magnitude.”
Mr Runawery extended an invitation to other interested stakeholders and sponsors to join the expo bandwagon this year.
To secure your stall or sponsor the event, obtain a copy of the agri trade expo information kit via email

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