Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mount Hagen fuel supplies suspended due to landslip

Fuel deliveries to Mount Hagen have been suspended after a landslip cut the Highlands Highway near Kundiawa.

InterOil Products Limited General Manager Peter Diezmann says stocks of unleaded petrol (ULP) are now almost exhausted.

"At the moment we are holding a mere 600 litres of ULP which is strictly reserved for use by emergency services".

This week's scheduled deliveries have been cancelled because of the landslip.

InterOil's bulk fuel contract carrier has assessed the section of damaged highway as a 'high risk' for the passage of road tankers fully laden with fuel.

Mr. Diezmann said that safety and protection of people and the environment is the company's first priority.

"Fuel tankers will not traverse the damaged section of highway until the area has been assessed by to be safe and stable for the transport of fuel tankers".

Mr. Diezmann said InterOil currently has less than a fortnight's supply of both diesel and kerosene available for Mount Hagen.

"At this stage there are no plans to ration either fuel"  

"Aviation fuel is also running down with Kagamuga holding about 9 days of Jet A-1".

"We are hopeful that the authorities will act to ensure that the highway will be reopened before stocks reach a critical level".

The safety of the tanker drivers is paramount and no deliveries will be attempted until we are given the all clear by authorities", Mr. Diezmann said.

"Masul police are continuing to monitor the situation as is InterOil's road transport contractor".

"As yet we have no indication as to when the repair works will commence".

"I can re-assure all of our customers that we will do all that is possible to bring in fresh supplies as soon as it is safe to do so", Mr Diezmann said.

"But we can do nothing until then".

"The risk to people and the environment would be too great to do otherwise", he said.



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