Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Top agriculture meeting in Madang

A top-level agricultural meeting is scheduled to be held in Madang from March 23 – 27.

The National Agriculture Council is an important agricultural forum attended by all the chairpersons of the provincial agriculture and economic portfolios, including agricultural commodity boards under the chairmanship of National Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, to deliberate on major agricultural polices and strategies.

Stakeholders including relevant government agencies, private sector, institutions and donor partners are usually invited as observers.

Among the key issues expected to be discussed at the Madang meeting are ways to work together to promote growth in agriculture and the effective implementation of the National Agriculture Development Plan.

Presentations will be made on the country’s agriculture sector, food security, human resources development for agriculture, public sector reforms for agriculture, challenges of climate change on agriculture and food security, bioenergy and biofuels prospects, agriculture credit, land mobilisation, district services improvement programme and others.

The Department of Agriculture and Livestock is busy making preparations for the meeting.




  1. At least now that the Government may say something about Bioenergy and Biofuel prospect.
    Today, this century is a time were future is unpredictable, fuel politics are weapons to master the course of the governance and economy.
    PNG government has no option but must invest in bioenergy and biofuel.Its not optional.

  2. I totally agree with you Gene.