Monday, March 16, 2009

Papua New Guinea students in China contribute K1,000 towards education of Divine Word University student



PAPUA New Guinea students currently studying in mainland China have contributed a total of K1, 000 towards the tuition fee of a Divine Word University final year student in Madang.

The students, who are scattered all over China,  gave what  little they got from the Chinese Scholarship Council as part of their scholarship allowance towards Michael D. Kapus’ (pictured) tuition fee.

Michael is a fourth-year health management student at DWU.

 He is from Southern Highlands province.

In an e-mail dated Feb 19, Michael shared his sad financial situation with students in China that he would not be able to complete his studies.

“It is already week four of the schooling year but I am still hanging around the school to fill my withdrawal form,” he said.

“I need only K4300 but nobody is able to help me and my parents could not afford as they are very poor and exhausted.”

DWU refused to allow Michael to register due to insufficient funds.

The students quickly responded with an e-mail to DWU administration to allow Michael’s registration while funds were collected.

A total of K1, 000 was collected and sent through Madang Westpac last Thursday.

Students who contributed included Jeffers Teargun Hepol, Gene Drekeke Iyovo, Albert B Tobby, Livingstone Hosea, Mathew Yakai and Malcome Philip Taureka

Liza Gabina, Third Secretary with the PNG Embassy in Beijing, also contributed.

The PNG students studying in China are predominantly Christian.



  1. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Below is an e-mail sent to me (Mathew Yakai) and rest of the financial contributers by the DWU student Michael kapu March 12, 2009.

    Dear fellow nationalists,

    I am very pleased for your noblest action in contribution.. no one could ever do such kind deed to a stranger...I am more than happy and my heart is relieved that I will complete studies for this edcademic year .

    Thank God for YOU all are God sent to rescue me from my struggle..if you can really sense my struggle for education from a far distance..without knowing or physically seeing me, it is God who had intervented through you gents and ladies...I see God is really powerful and wonderful. I will never forget that in my life.

    I can not say much coz I am running out of words...I can hardly find a word to describe the effort, especially emailing gurantee letters to the administration and scarificing your allowances for the sack of my education........

    You are all unique and this country, PNG need you all for you all have the right frame of mind to move this resourceful nation forward.

    My heart is with you all....and God bless you all.


  2. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Micheal ,Government and education can let you down but not for us.
    Through this experience, you will be better than all, to make decision for the commoners,grassroots and rich alike.
    We share your experience for our testamonies and dairies,story to our kids.
    Stay focuse and think big. Do not worry about the rich ,arrogant,cheaters,liers,and success of the godless people.Their ends are numbered. Read Psalms 73, but look from what God want you to be.

    We are not after rich, but rather for the course of quality,righteousness and labor for the Glory of Soon Coming HIM!

    To the students who are MAN in the head,Humbling honor your mindset.

    Yesu Christo bless.

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Dear Friends,

    Thank you all for your kindness and goodwill! For those of you who have some ties with Diwai that is the greatest example of the Diwai spirit. You will be happy to know also that the President Fr Jan Czuba was also moved by your guestures. As a result this year we have decided that we will have a concert or talent night to raise funds for those other student who also have school fee problems.

    many thanks to you all and God bless!


  4. Hi all,
    as a former student of DWU and someone who knew Michael..I feel blessed knowing that there are people out there with big heart. Wish all PNGan and world are like you guys.

    Koima Siwi

  5. Great people with great heart..with that help i hope MDK is already in PNG workforce contributing towards the nation building.