Thursday, October 08, 2009

Importance of World Food Day to Papua New Guinea and the world

This and all pictures of a wonderful roadside market in Tambul, Western Highlands province, which I travelled to two weeks ago. These self-reliant farmers are the true backbone of Papua New Guinea

World Food Day falls on Friday, October 16, 2009.
At a time when the global economic crisis dominates the news, the world needs to be reminded that not everyone works in offices and factories.
The crisis is stalking the small-scale farms and rural areas of the world, including Papua New Guinea, where 70% of the world's hungry live and work.
With an estimated increase of 105 million hungry people in 2009, there are now 1.02 billion malnourished people in the world, meaning that almost one-sixth of all humanity is suffering from hunger.
Both public and private investments are needed, more specifically through targeted public investment to encourage and facilitate private investment, especially by farmers themselves.


  1. Brilliant post, Malum. As a food blogger, and soon-to-be resident of PNG, this issue needs to get greater "air time". I would love to link to this post, of that's ok?

  2. Hi Purple Goddess, please go ahead and do so. I'll also add you to my blog list, as you make a lot of mention about PNG.