Friday, January 29, 2010

Pilot Richard Leahy out of intensive care

From John Pasquarelli

Malum - Richard Leahy has been transferred out of the Intensive Care Unit to the Burns Unit (in Brisbane, Australia) so that is good news - four weeks and two days after his prang.
John Pasquarelli
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  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    We thank God for Richard's being transferred out of ICU and we - particularly the neglected rural people of Morobe - wait with bated breath for his return to Lae where we will stage a people's power revolution and forcefully get rid of Luther 'Mauswara' Wenge.

  2. bernard oberleuter - Australia8:06 PM

    It's good to read that the Morobe Sub-District Aviation Pioneer is out of Intensive Care Unit and is isi isi recuperating in the Burns unit ward.. I also would support the the Rural people of Morobe to mount a people's power revolution and forcefully get rid of Luther WANKER, SORRY Wenge, pipia na giaman man, parasite olsem ol guma wakabaut long nambis na painim rabis long kaikai... He, who uses people for his own selfish gain will go down like a big landslide klostu long wara Mape...

  3. Reginald Renagi11:55 AM

    Its good news that pilot Richard Leahy is out of the intensive care unit and is recovering. I am hoping that once he is able to get up and go, we will in no time see Richard jump into the cockpit again to fly into rural communities to help the needy people.

    This act will be to the great chagrin of the Morobe Governor as he will see this harmless pilot as a threat to his already waning influence with his own rural people.

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