Saturday, May 15, 2010

Old friends reunite


Third-year University of Natural Resources and Environment agriculture students Levi Wartowo and Moy Dawa (pictured above) were recently reunited with friends they thought they would not see again until June this year.
The two students recently crossed paths again with old acquaintances, Professor and Bursar, the two bulls that the students had carried out teethering on while they were on six weeks industrial work experience at Warangoi Cattle Station at the end of last year.
The bulls were moved to the University’s Vudal Farm and when the students learnt of this, they wasted no time in going to visit them.
Their practical last year involved maintenance of fence lines, planting pastures and weed control.
Field supervisor John Kamut also taught them cattle handling and cattle training techniques.
In teethering, they used bamboo to make a hole through the nostrils of the bulls and tied a rope for control.
Both students appreciated the knowledge and skills they gained and had hoped to return to Warangoi during the semester break in June to learn more.

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