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Why hasn't any action been taken against this person?

NEC decision stands (Post-Courier, April 17, 2012)


THE National Executive Council decision to reject InterOil Corp in developing the Gulf LNG project is final.

Prime Minster Peter O’Neill yesterday denied releasing any statement in support of the project.
Mr O’Neill was surprised to read of himself being quoted as “PM: NEC has not rejected LNG’s 2nd LNG project’ on this paper and “PM says development will go ahead’ as quoted in The National yesterday.
The Post-Courier understood that the statement was released by Susuve Laumaea who is on the Prime Minister’s staff and indicated that it was approved for release by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
The statement which was released by Mr Laumaea read “Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says Interoil Corporation’s LNG project development in PNG’s Gulf Province will go ahead when all pre-conditons set by government and the 2009 Project Agreement are fully satisfied.
Mr O’Neill said yesterday there is no National Executive Council decision rejecting the Gulf LNG project.
He reiterated his earlier statement in August last year that the government under his watch would assist InterOil to secure a strategic operating partner, re-scope the project agreement to enable phased LNG development, and to locate the project in Gulf Province.
Mr O’Neill has directed the Ministry and Department of Petroleum and Energy to cooperate with InterOil and desist from confusing the investment community and Gulf Province government and landowners with media statements about rejection of the project.”
It was understood Mr O’Neill was furious with Mr Laumaea, who is a former employee of InterOil, for framing the statement without the knowledge and authorisation of him.
A copy of the NEC decision No NG37/2011 in which Mr O’Neill himself signed as the NEC Chairman stated, “on the 21st of September 2011, National Executive Council, rejected the Gulf Project as proposed by LNGL/InterOil as it would be an inefficient use of the State’s gas resources and is inconsistent with the Project Agreement.”
The NEC decision further stated, “endorsed the views of the Minister for Petroleum and Energy in relation to the status of the Project Agreement, the PPFL, the PDL and PRL 15; endorsed the actions taken to date by the Minister for Petroleum and Energy,
Department of Petroleum and Energy and Petromin to ensure that LNGL/InterOil develop the LNGL Project in accordance with the Project Agreement; and endorsed the actions proposed to be taken by the Minister for Petroleum and Energy to ensure that the gas resources of PNG are developed according to the Project Agreement, in particular, if LNGL/InterOil proceeds with the Gulf Project, and takes a final investment decision in relation to any of the projects that make up the Gulf Project or otherwise commits a repudiatory breach of the Project Agreement.
A spokesperson of an interested party in the project also expressed concern that the project has taken too long saying; “we have put in money for this project as well and it’s not good being dragged on for a long time.

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