Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gordon Market shakes off ‘bad boy’ image


Gordon Market, notorious for being one of the filthiest and most crime infested in Port Moresby, is looking to shake off that ‘bad boy’ image.
In an amazing transformation in the space of a few days, the local community and police have joined forces to clean the market of betelnut sellers, marijuana and home brew dealers, prostitutes, pick pockets, and drunkards who terrorised innocent men, women, and children.
Community and police working together…Insp Mosinakave (centre) with Gordon Market vendors, goers, and his men at the entrance.-Nationalpics by MALUM NALU

Gordon ‘home boys’, men who were born and bred in Gordon and now raising their own families, could no longer sit back and watch the safety and wellbeing of their wives and children being compromised.
“Our wives and children were harassed, they didn’t feel free,” spokesman James Tore told The National.
“Drugs and liquor were sold just like any other item in the market place.
The outside of Gordon Market looking spic and span.

This shop front, opposite Gordon Police Barracks, was known for being one of the filthiest betelnut markets in the city.

Innocent men, women, and children can now go to Gordon Market without fear of being harassed.
‘This forced us to go and see NCDC if we could start this clean-up campaign.
“They agreed to help and support us, and from there on, we started cleaning up.”
Trying to clean Gordon Market is no mean feat, especially trying to tell a hardened betelnut vendor, or marijuana and home brew dealer, to pack up and leave.
The Gordon ‘home boys’ needed help, and when they needed it most, in stepped Inspector Mark Mosinakave and his young and enthusiastic crew from NCD Police Beat Patrol.
“We wanted to show our presence in the area because Gordon Market is infested with thugs,” he said.
“It has a very bad image.
“We want to help clean up the place, to tell the people that what they do is bad for the city.
“Gordon Market is in the heart of the nation’s capital so we have to keep the place clean for visitors, as well as for ourselves.
“We’ve been carrying out patrols, telling vendors to go and sell their stuff at the right places.
“It is really filthy, especially the betelnut.
“Gordon is supposed to be a fresh produce area, but betelnut is creating so much filth around this area so we’re trying to stop vendors from selling betelnut.”
Mosinakave said his men and the Gordon ‘home boys’ started foot beats at 5.30am till 6pm every day, and although a tough job, the rewards were there with the place being much cleaner, and smiles on the faces of women and children.
“A lot of people are giving positive comments about our presence here at Gordon and the volunteers coming in to help us keep the place clean,” he said.
“This is our home, Port Moresby.
“Let’s help each other and take care of our city.”

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