Monday, April 04, 2011

I'm still waiting for an apology and compensation from Timothy Bonga

Four years on and I’m still waiting…”hello, is Timothy Bonga out there?”

Now that Timothy Bonga has been recycled as MP for Nawaeb, and made Forests Minister, perhaps he can apologise to me and compensate me for the beating that I received at his hands in 2007 before the elections.
The Taiwanese government and media have also implicated Timothy Bonga and Dr Florian Gubon in the US $30 million deal from money that was supposed to come to Papua New Guinea.
Apart from that scam, the good people of Nawaeb and the rest of Papua New Guinea should know that for no apparent reason, outgoing Eda Ranu executive chairman Mr Bonga harassed, insulted, and then assaulted me at the Lamana Gold Club on Friday evening, May 4, 2007.
The incident happened as I was about to leave Lamana after a few “Happy Hour” drinks with workmates.
Mr Bonga confronted me as I was leaving – out of the blues - and accused me of working together with Lae MP and New Generation Party leader Bart Philemon to bring him down.
He made reference to the recent newspaper reports about his payout from Eda Ranu.
I denied this, saying that I was no longer working as a fulltime journalist (I was working with Small Business Development Corporation at that time), and walked out to catch a taxi, but Mr Bonga followed me outside where he punched me, pushed me to the ground, and then proceeded to kick me in full view of security guards.
I suffered a black eye, a sore face and a painful back.
This was a criminal matter, which I wanted to pursue further with police, but decided not to, lest his election chances be jeopardised.
In true Papua New Guinea style, it is only fitting that Mr Bonga compensate me, my family, and my friends, given that he has already received his big pay cheque from Eda Ranu , is now Nawaeb MP and Forests Minister, and has publicly confirmed benefiting from Taiwanese money.


  1. Timothy Bonga will never apologies and be responsible for his actions but will blame some else.

  2. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Bro, you should have let the police dealt with the issue there and then.....end of the story

  3. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Immature acts,Why cant you let Police deal with?

  4. you must be retarded or something. someone beats you up. you let them go for free. to save them their election chances. and there's no police report, video recording, or sworn witnesses. and you want him to compensate you?

    were you born outside of PNG?

    WFT is melanasian way? if you're a coward, call it for what it is.
    I would have fought back until both are in hospital. smear this in the newspaper, and force a huge settlement.

    you missed your chance dude.