Monday, April 18, 2011

Chinese murdered after killing youth in Goroka

Asian, two local women escape after car accident


A CHINESE national was set upon by a mob and murdered soon after he shot dead a youth of Chimbu origin in Goroka over the weekend, The National reports.
The Chinese, identified as Alex Seng Da, was in the company of another colleague and two females in a vehicle that ran off the road at Asariufa section of the Highlands Highway on Saturday evening.
When curious youths approached the accident scene, the Chinese man allegedly took out a pistol and shot dead a young man, named as William Morea of Gunagi area in the Sinasina area of Chimbu.
Relatives of the youth regrouped and attacked the Asian and murdered him while his accomplice and the females escaped.
The body of Seng Da and Morea are at the Glenrowen Funeral Home. The incident occurred at around 8pm on Saturday.
Eyewitnesses, who gave accounts of the incident, said Seng Da and another Chinese were driving into Goroka town with two PNG women passengers when the vehicle ran off the road about 100m from the Zokizoi River bridge at Asariufa village near Goroka main market.
When bystanders rushed to the scene of the accident, Seng Da allegedly pulled out a pistol and shot the youth in the head.
The villagers retaliated and beat the Chinese national to death. There were also cuts on his body, indicating the use of sharp objects.
The vehicle involved in the accident was burnt.
The deceased Asian was an employee of Seng Da Supermarket.
Opportunists from the Council Camp and Banana Block capitalised on the situation and ransacked the Bintangor store at West Goroka.
However, quick action by Goroka police prevented further lootings.
Eastern Highlands provincial police commander Supt Augustine Wampe, when confirming the incident, condemned the actions of looters.
He said what occurred on Saturday night was being treated by police as criminal in nature and police were investigating.
He warned opportunists that police would come down hard on them.
Wampe could not establish whether the firearm was licenced or not.
The small Chinese community in Goroka was mourning the death of Seng Da.
Wampe said police knew the identities of those involved in killing the Chinese and would soon be making arrests.
Investigations are continuing.
Wampe also praised Goroka Rural LLG president Jeffery Sasuo for his handling of the situation.
Sasuo had warned potential looters that all buildings in Goroka were owned by locals but were leased to other people such as the Asians and any attempt to vandalise these assets would be met with extreme retribution from the locals.

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