Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lae MP Loujaya Toni to upgrade facilities in her electorate

Minister for Community Development, Religion and Home Affairs and Member for Lae Open Loujaya Toni has awarded Hardware Haus a contract to upgrade the facilities in her electorate.  Among the facilities to be upgraded are the following:  Bumbu Police Barracks, nurses’ quarters at Angau Memorial Hospital as well as Angau Memorial Hospital in its entirety. 
Loujaya Toni

 "We are honored that the Minister Toni has chosen Hardware Haus to support this important upgrading programme of her electorate.  
"This contract is a key step forward in our business strategy to deliver our efficient service in the areas where we are present.  
"It also symbolises an important step towards renewing our nation’s trust to its political leaders," said Richard McGuiness, chief operating officer of Hardware Haus. 
 Adds McGuiness: “We are delighted to be working with Minister Toni to deliver the improvement and development of her covered areas.
"This project is a great example of the ongoing level of investment in Lae and the improvements that are arising as result. 
"This project will see our Lae-based teams and Minister Toni’s team work very closely. 
"It demonstrates Hardware Haus' strength as a company sharing expertise and resources across national boundaries and it also confirms our position as a leading hardware contractor in Papua New Guinea.”

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