Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Loujaya Toni: I’ve been made ‘dog’s breakfast’

The National


GOVERNMENT minister and Lae MP Loujaya Toni says she has been made “dog’s breakfast” by her critics but will rise above them to prove everyone wrong.
Toni, the Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Affairs, has been having marital problems and is seeking court protection for her children, relatives and herself from her husband James.

Toni...'I will rise above everyone to prove them wrong'

At the announcement of awarding of three major projects in Lae to KwikBuilt yesterday, Toni said:“I have a lot of enemies.
“I’m rising above that.
“Yes, the issues that are involved with my personal life are in court, I’m ‘dog’s breakfast’ but I’m not worried about that.
“Sticks and stones may break my back but words will never hurt me.
“The heart that I have is for Lae and we will turn Lae around in the next five years and leave the critics for dead.”
An emotional Toni said she would make a difference for Lae despite being a woman.
“Just watch my game, I’m a woman, I’m not a man!” she said.
“In PNG politics, they say ‘ol meri save karim bilum (women carry the bilum)’.
Mi save karim bilum na kam bek long hauslain (I carry the bilum back to the people).
Meri opin bilum (when the woman opens the bilum), we have something for everybody, even the dogs and pigs that we raise.
So mi meri Morobe, mi karim bilum bilong ol pipol long Lae distrik (I’m a Morobe woman, I carry the bilum for my people in Lae district).”

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