Friday, September 09, 2011

Papua New Guinea community celebrates Independence Day in Toowoomba

Members of USQ's PNG community are inviting the Toowoomba community in Australia to celebrate their Independence Day this Saturday 10 September.
The day will commence at 11am, and will showcase PNG culture through dance, song and a variety of cultural displays.
Coordinator of the event, USQ PNG Students Association President, Matthew Igo Ball, said the day was an opportunity to celebrate the country's successes.
"PNG's Independence is a big part of the country's history and although they are still doing it tough back home, we are here at university because we want to better, not only ourselves but also our country,' Matthew said.
"Independence is a time to reflect how far we have come as a country and also as individuals."

Matthew said they are expecting PNG students from USQ and local boarding schools to attend the day, and were welcoming anyone who loves PNG or wants to learn more about its culture to attend.
"We are expecting PNG students from USQ, students from local boarding schools, the general PNG community residing in Toowoomba, a number of expatriates, and many PNG students and community members from Brisbane to attend on the day,"he said.
"Currently there are over 30 PNG students on-campus at Toowoomba. The general public are invited to the event, it is open to anyone who is from PNG, has been to PNG, knows a PNG, or wants to learn more about PNG."
"It will be a fun day for everyone."
WHAT: PNG 36th Independence Celebrations 
WHEN: 11- 2 on Saturday, 10 September 2011 
WHERE: USQ Quadrangle, USQ West Street Toowoomba 
COST: Free

Contact Details:
Connie-Louise Rego, USQ Media, +61 7 4631 2977